Homes are Central

In 2003, our existing home fellowship groups became known as ‘Home Churches’, in recognition that home-based ministry had become increasingly relevant for busy 21st Century lives, where for many people, Sundays are taken up by social, sporting and family activities. Consequently, Home Churches have gradually become the heart of personal discipleship and pastoral life within St Tom’s and they are the reason we have developed into ‘A Family of Home Churches’.

There are currently 16 Home Churches that meet, usually weekly, on weekday evenings and they are the primary place for pastoral care within the life of the church. They are multigenerational, from teens to young families, to those of more mature years. This is where our passionate love for Jesus is centred, where we grow in our relationships with one another and where we get to‘know him better’.

Currently, 85% of our ‘Worshipping Community’ is part of a Home Church. The remainder, as well as attending Sunday services, are cared for by our Pastoral Strategic Team or are part of our Band of Brothers men’s ministry or our With Love women’s ministry. Both of which hold a range of regular fellowship events.

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