Inspired by the early New Testament expression of Church in the Home (check out Acts 2 and 4) we commit to worship of God in our Homes throughout our Parish.
To assist growth there are presently 3 Clusters of Home Churches which are overseen by Cluster Leaders

Home Church with Danny and Pip


The purpose of a Home Church is to provide a small group environment for both pastoral and spiritual nurture.
Within a Home Church, we pray you will know the support, love and care of God alongside sharing fellowship, friendship and fun with others.

If you would like to visit a few to see which might suit you, please use the contact details in this directory. It is our hope that you will find one where you feel at home.
If you have any questions regarding Home Churches, please speak to Kat or Ali or contact the church office.
kat@sttoms.co.uk ali@sttoms.co.uk office@sttoms.co.uk 02380 695786
Home Church
journey through life together
We would greatly encourage everyone to become part of a Home Church for this reason. There are a variety to choose from, at various times and days, which we hope will serve the vast majority of our church family.